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Northern Utah's Top Rated RO/DI Ultra Pure Window Cleaning


Holly G.

"We decided to try Emerald Shine for our windows as they had a pretty decent deal. They cleaned all of our windows(14) and ended up doing our 3 cars as well! They even said they would come back to check and see if they needed to be touched up if it rains ! The employees are super friendly and work hard to get the job done. They just started up but I’m sure we will be using them in the future again! Check them out if you’re like us and don’t like washing your exterior windows!"

Highest Quality Service Guaranteed

If you are not satisfied with your service, give us a call and we will fix the issue free of charge.

On Time Service Guarantee

If we are more than 20 minutes late you get a $20 discount on your service.

Quick and Efficient

Having your windows washed doesn't need to take all day. We will finish up usually in about an hour and let you get back to your day.


What is Ultra Pure RO/DI Cleaning?

RO/DI window washing stands for "reverse osmosis" and "deionization." This technique utilizes a combination of both reverse osmosis and deionization to ultra purify water and make it suitable for window cleaning. The ultra purified water is then delivered to a brush or nozzle that sprays the water onto the window surface, dissolving dirt and grime. Because of the ultra purified state of the water, the window dries spot-free, leaving no residue or watermarks. This method is considered to be more efficient and eco-friendly than traditional methods, such as using soap and water, as it reduces the use of chemicals and eliminates the need to haul dirty water off the site.

This method of cleaning also enables us to finish your home much quicker than other companies and without the need for ladders or having to get on your roof in most cases.



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